So, what about life after death anyway...

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A friend recently brought about to my attention of the uplifting “Paper to Pearls” concept and the heartwarming story behind it. These Uganda women, full of spirit and soul, sell jewelry that is beaded strictly from recycled paper. Bought from their local market, paper awaiting the dumpster is purchased, and then transformed into beads. Originally started with only a handful of forty women, currently two entire villages are now working hard in creating “Paper to Pearls” jewelry that is sold worldwide to provide an income for themselves and their families.

I found this documentary video to be truly inspirational in not only creating my own jewelry, but as an inspiration to all women; a side all circumstances, everyone has the right to have a voice. The passion and dedication that these women display is remarkable. And these beads are insanely beautiful, stay tuned as it is very possible you may see a paper bead or two in the making!

Official ” Paper to Pearls” Site:

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moreaboutdre asked: i just wanted to say i am in love my purchases!! the raindrop wooden necklace is even more epic in real life! and the packing was pretty awesome too. thanks for making it feel like christmas in april for me : )

Righteous, it is our mission to share the happiness we have when creating ShanideCleo pieces with the individuals whom bring those pieces to life. We try to make every aspect as environmentally friendly as possible, hence the mag/ newspaper wrapping. PLUS who doesnt die over NYLON mag? :D

We are always totally open to suggestions for new products, custom made products or even if you have old or broken jewelry or goods, we would be happy to give those elements a new life!

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